Publix Black History Month Campaign

These are 4 posters from a series commemorating Black History Month for Publix.







The concept behind the campaign was to highlight 4 African American chefs from various locations in the markets which Publix serve. From that point we would allow the chefs to elaborate on the principles that have allowed them to become successful. Once the messaging was established, I knew I wanted to create something visually rich and enticing that would grab our viewer, yet still advertise Publix core products. This was accomplished through using food that possessed very colorful qualities and juxtaposing textures and scale, along with the incorporation of b&w photography only for the subject and 4 color for everything else. It was also extremely important that we maintained Publix brand identity, which is somewhat conservative. They were very receptive to this treatment and welcomed a campaign with this look and feel. The final elements consisted of (4) 8.5” x 11” ads, (4) 18” x 24” posters for schools, in-store shelf talkers, and a 30 second television commercial.

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