2013 Comcast CAE Calendar

This is the design for the 2013 Comcast Employee Calendar. The layout utilized the "Comcastic" color palate to represent a specific color for each month and utilizes a modern interface, which changes color from week to week and allows the user to "navigate" the calendar. The design highlights days significant to Comcast, holiday days closed, and paydays.



Comcast-CAE-2013-Calendar-final-Jan Comcast-CAE-2013-Calendar-final-4 Comcast-CAE-2013-Calendar-final-5 Comcast-CAE-2013-Calendar-final-6 Comcast-CAE-2013-Calendar-final-7 Comcast-CAE-2013-Calendar-final-8 Comcast-CAE-2013-Calendar-final-9 Comcast-CAE-2013-Calendar-final-10 Comcast-CAE-2013-Calendar-final-11 Comcast-CAE-2013-Calendar-final-12 Comcast-CAE-2013-Calendar-final-13 Comcast-CAE-2013-Calendar-final-14



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